SlideGenius Web Presence

Interactive and Web Design

Web Presence Needs to Encompass All Elements

SlideGenius is not utilizing their web presence to the maximum potential. The previous website for SlideGenius was not functioning in the most efficient way in both design and back end functionality.

Every Aspect Considered

Search Engine Optimization needed to be reworked and the call to action elements needed to be integrated into the foundation of the website. New landing pages, core site pages, and email templates also needed to be constructed.

  • Because online marketing is the sole method of obtaining leads, it was imperative that every component was used.
  • Blogs have also proved to be a useful asset for many companies, allowing them to keep fresh content available and provide the visitors with something to share.
  • Each email functions to attract the lead to visit a landing page or a blog post. The landing pages entice the lead to take further action in becoming a client with SlideGenius, while the blog served to let the lead stay updated with SlideGenius until they decided to make the final decision on whether to be a customer.
  • The landing pages were designed with simple non-distracting elements so that the leads can focus on the call to action.
  • The navigation bar was simplified and the layout used muted colors so the red calls to action could be highlighted and the leads would know what immediate action needed.