Design is Communication Clarity is Contemporary Simplicity is Complex
User Interaction/UX Design

Interaction design controls our understanding of how to connect with the design. Design should be intuitive, but what does that mean. Intuitive is a subjective term; someone understanding how to interact with an object depends on his/her own experiences. To be interactive in a truly intuitive way, the designer must understand how we interact with objects in the most primitive way.

Web Design/Development

The web is an integral part of our modern society. It is hard to imagine a day without the Internet, and it is becoming increasingly more advanced. Erik has always been driven to learn new things, and the challenge of constantly advancing in web design has always captivated him. Never is a website finished, and changing it is just a click away. Erik’s enjoyment of web design inspired him to look further into design.

Graphic Design/Branding

Branding is so much more than a logo or a name. It is a style, an image, and an understanding shared by the product or service, employees and customers of the brand. Branding is the first step to any successful design project. If the brand is weak, any other design will be bottle necked by it.

Motion Graphics

Movement is an integral part in the advancement of design. More and more digital real estate is being brought into our world. Be it cell phones, computers, tablets, or digital billboards, screens are everywhere. With all this digital real estate comes the benefit of displaying motion graphics to captivate a viewer. No longer is design limited to a static image, graphics can move and engage the viewer in a new dimension.