SEMICON West Website

UX Design & Development

Attract Attendance, Inspire Innovation

A struggling annual Semiconductor trade show in Northern California was in need of a serious overhaul. Even though the SEMICON organization has several other shows taking place in Asia, where this industry is booming, the California trade show kept failing to attract attendees with it's complicated website. The SEMICON West show needed to be rebranded as a show for “market innovation” and the website needed to be redesigned with customer experience in mind.

From Editing to Interacting

Rebuilding the site from the ground up allowed us to fully enhance our visitors experience. After preforming extensive analysis on the website's Information Architecture and interview past attendees on their experience usign the website, we had our plan of action ready.

On the front-end, we fully redesigned the UX of the website to help visitors understand the show's pricing structure, and program schedule.

On the back-end, we utilized the Drupal CMS to allow for agile content management, and built a new interactive program guide to give attendees an easy way to plan their conference schedule.

Building for the Future

Once the site was launched, it led to a significant increase in attendee registrations and was once again the talk of the industry. This website rebuild was so successful that SEMI will be using this as a basis for their other trade show’s websites next year.