RADD Wheel

Ad & Interactive Design

Step One, Get People To Interact With The Brand

Getting people involved with a non-profit is the first step in creating a brand with impact. RADD is an organization with the goal of creating an incentive to designate a driver. For this to be successful people need to know about the incentives.

Targeting College Is Trendy

In order to get the immediate attention of college aged people, a campaign needs to be trendy. College students are on their smart phones all the time, by creating a branded game, we can breakthrough the clutter of non-profit organizations. This game cleverly creates a way to assign the designated driver before the night begins. It also gives the other people fun activates to do while out at a club or bar.

Initiating a Conversation

The beauty of the Playerline app is its simplicity. It delivers instant news updates sorted by sport type, player name, team, and position. It is delivered in a simple form mimicking an email app. The previous design was a hacked up iPhone app ported to Android. The new app utilizes the new Google Material Design guidelines to create a beautiful, simple, and intuitive app. The most important part was keeping the simplicity, but enhancing the design to make it easier to use and consume the information provided.