Playerline App Design

User Experience & Interactive Design

Content Starts It, Design Sends It Further

Playerline is a news-aggregating app for fantasy sports fans of all types. It pulls content from hundreds of sources so that avid fantasy sports fans can get the most updated news on their favorite players. It has developed a dedicated following but with the new design and experience, the Playerline app will reach the masses.

Keep It Simple, Keep It Sleek

The beauty of the Playerline app is its simplicity. It delivers instant news updates sorted by sport type, player name, team, and position. It is delivered in a simple form mimicking an email app. The previous design was a hacked up iPhone app ported to Android. The new app utilizes the new Google Material Design guidelines to create a beautiful, simple, and intuitive app. The most important part was keeping the simplicity, but enhancing the design to make it easier to use and consume the information provided.