NPR Music Print Ad

Advertising Design

It's Not All About The Logo

NPR does not appeal to younger listeners (age 13-25). To them NPR is known as their dad’s radio station. NPR has the content and radio shows that would appeal to the youth, however, the knowledge of these shows is not wide spread. Their image needs to be updated.

Repositioning The Brand

The core value of NPR Music is to aid in the music discovery process. Discovering new music is a huge part in the lives of the youth. It is becoming more popular to stream your music online than to download or buy music. The biggest names in online music discovery are Pandora, Spotify, 8-tracks, Rdio, and iTunes Radio. However, NPR Music has an edge over these. The playlists on NPR are curated by professionals with experience in the music industry, not by some computer or teenager. Three genres were chosen, Hip-Hop, Indie, and Alternative Rock. Within these genres, styles were developed and ads were designed around each of these styles. These three styles came together to form the image of NPR Music.


Trendy Marketing

NPR is just beginning to take their design presence to modern styles. Making the choice to be trendy is a temporary design solution with a lasting impact. Being trendy is a bold step to reinstate relevance in a brand.

Intuitive Design

The new NPR Music app has been redesigned from the ground up. It takes advantage of the most cutting edge technology available on iOS7 and the iPhone 5s. Users are presented with an easy and intuitive app rigorously tested for usability. The app home screen presents easy to follow sections. Genres for example will play playlists from any program under that genre. Once a playlist is chosen, the user is brought to the playlist screen, here they can see information about the playlist and choose the song they wish to play. Users can swipe to either side to see other playlists from their previous choice. Once a song is chosen, the user is brought to the player screen. Here they have easy access to the play controls as well as the ability to see a preview of the upcoming playlist. Users navigate back by swiping down from the top of each screen. The app utilizes the parallax and blur effects for this app to give the user a sense of depth. This app uses similar design aesthetic as the website to enhance the recognition and familiarity between platforms.