United States Currency

Print Design

We Interact With Currency Everyday

The United States currency is amongst the hardest currency for the visually impaired to read. Not to mention it lacks many contemporary security features.

Every Detail Matters

When designing the new bill, accessibility for the visually impaired was incredibly important. For years the visually impaired have folded and creased their bills to discern the difference in monetary value. This proved to be a successful tactic for the person to know the bills they had, however, it was not without its flaws. It was very easy for the incorrect bill to be returned to the person without them knowing.

  • The top of each bill is notches to signify monetary value. Ex. $1 has none, $5 has one notch, $10 has two notches, etc.
  • The number on the top right is raised printing to add tactile feedback to visually impaired who cannot read brail.
  • Semi-transparent plastic film on the bottom of the bill.
  • Brail numeric value for the printed bill pressed in to the plastic film.
  • Microprinted security pattern. The United States of America can be read on the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • EURion constellation security pattern.