The New York Times

Layout Design

A Recognized Brand Isn't Always A Successful One

The New York Times has been loosing readership to online blogs and news sources. The New York Times used to be the largest print newspaper in the United States. The brand still holds a strong name in the consumers mind, however, The New York Times has not taken control of the modern day mediums.

Print Gone Digital

Newspapers have been battling the adaptation of news delivered through the web since the early 2000’s. The New York Times brand extends much further than just their logo. Looking at a paper it is easy to discern which one is The New York Times based on the layout and use of line.

  • Cutting the size of the page in half allows for easier management as well as an efficient use of material when printing and cutting.
  • Meta was chosen because of its humanist characteristics, large font family, and because it has both serif and sans-serif styles.
  • The softer serifs in Meta provides the same ease of readability that most old style fonts have as well as providing a more modern look
  • The use of Meta Sans for the headlines also brings the newspaper in to the digital age where sans serifs are more common.
  • Bringing the new layout design to the iPad went smoothly. Because the newspaper used styles synonymous with the digital age, the design translated well.