Long Beach Cyclery

Brand Development

A Brand Should Define A Companies Heritage

Long Beach Cyclery used to have a logotype with a black letter font and a single star in the center. This aesthetic gave the shop a motorcycle gang appearance but Long Beach, California is notorious for its art deco styles, bold graphics, geometric shapes, and muted color pallets.

The Logo Needs to be More Aggressive

The logo is aggressive to show the power and performance the shop owner has biking. A dark red was used to refer to the art deco style found thought Long Beach, and the pairing with black was used to accentuate the aggressiveness of the logo.

  • The five stars are used to symbolize the quality five-star service as well, the owner is a nine-time champion bicyclist racer, and it was used to express the success of his biking career.
  • The curved stars also act as the handlebars for the bicycling figure and close off the open shape of the rider.
  • The use of line, geometric shapes, and symmetry also call to the art deco influence.
  • The illustration style from Michael Schwab was used as inspiration to capture a complex figure and simplify it to graphic lines.